Mime Legend Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, B.Tech,MBA,MBL,PGDHRL,PGDCRL,PGDIPRL,PH.D In Mime Theatre, PH.D in Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement (QREM) in Education Policy and Leadership ,SAP, PMP,IJCTC, CPRW, CPCC,CEIP,EMCC,Certified Master Coach 
  • Ø  One of the Best Legendary Mime Artist, one of the most acclaimed representatives of this form of art in the world today.

    Ø  One of the best Faculty, Executive & Career Coach, Leadership Facilitator.

    Ø  He has diverse experience of 16+ years in the areas of Leadership Training Solutions, Business Execution Solutions,Project Management Solutions, Sales Performance Solutions, Diversity Solutions,Home and Family Solutions, Law Enforcement Solutions, Education Solutions,Productivity Solutions,Generation Solutions, Business Communication Solutions,Customer Loyalty Solutions,Technology Solutions,Financial Solutions,Media and Entertainment Solutions,SAP Consulting,SAP Training, SAP Development,Talent Management Solutions,HR Outsourcing,Consulting and Staffing Solutions,Consulting Solutions,Outsourcing Solutions, Management,Strategic Planning, Sustainable Development,Restructuring , Institutional Strengthening,Productivity Improvement , Reengineering, Monitoring ,Evaluation,Impact Assessment,Executive Search and Placement, Marketing,Operations Management,Training,Business Development,Project Design,Internal Controls,Capacity Building,Financial and Operational Auditing,Budgeting ,Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Accounting,Finance,Administration and financial services sectors across India, Singapore, Europe and UK . He is a frequently requested speaker at HR, PMP-Leadership & Coaching conferences worldwide.

    Ø  Maestro of Mime/Theatre,Street play artist,Actor,Speaker, Coach, Corporate Mime Theatre trainer, Mime-Theatre Therapist, Mime-Theatre R&D Specialist, Leadership Stage Mime Nonverbal Communication Master, Story Teller, Corporate Management Coach, Writer, Story teller, Children Specialist, Special children trainer, choreographer, teacher, director, producer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Career/Life Coach, Business/Financial/Legal Consultant, Leadership Stage Coach, and author of scripts.

    Ø  He is the recipient of the ‘Best Executive Career Coach’ Award at the International HRD & Coaching Congress. He is an Accredited (EMCC) Executive Coach for Leaders. He has done his leadership development programme (LDP) from CCL, Brussels. He is a practitioner of MBTI Step II & FIRO-B (CPP), Hogan, LVI and Belbin (UK), and Benchmarks, the entire suite of CCL 360 degree instruments.

    Ø  Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, as an Executive Coach  has  worked with over 4281 Senior  leaders in a variety of sectors across 32 countries and has over 11580+ hours of rich coaching experience.. Each leader has their own reason for working with a coach and their own unique development agenda. Some have personally identified an area or two they want to work on; others use 360 feedback, performance reviews or other feedback to provide insight into development opportunities. He delivers senior level facilitation & behavioural training programs on leadership development, coaching, team effectiveness. He is the Director –Founder-Coach-Mentor-Think Tank of Leadership Stage India.


  ü  1st Research Holder in Mime-Theatre field.

  ü  India’s 1st Research Holder in Quantitative Research, 
           Evaluation & Measurement in Education Policy and 

  ü  Innovator of New Concept of Emotionally Expressive 
      Leadership Stage Training/Workshops for Job     
      Seekers, Doctors, Middle,Sr Management Professionals, 
      parents, kids, HR- Legal- IT Professionals, etc.

  ü  Innovator of New Creative Media Concept "Leadership 
           Stage” (Education to Dream Employment) System

  ü  Awards ~ Life Time Achiever Award ~ Certification of 
           Excellence Award ~ Best Innovation Awards ~ Fastest 
          Growing Company ~ Best Concepts Award

  ü  Trained : (Workshops/Classes)- 1,01,318 People

  ü  Entertained:- 11211864 People

  ü  Stage Shows: - 1902 Shows

  ü  Placed:- 19794 People -Last 6 months-different part of 
           the world

  ü  Supported for 17 Patents

  ü  Supported for 1501 Publications in Various 
           International/National Journals

  ü  Arrangements with 1357 In plant Training

  ü  Placed 1284 Students in Intl Universities

  ü  Placed 3151 Students in Indian Universities

  ü  Our Director Been a Judge for - 4268 Events - 
           international/national events

- Professional Details

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy currently leads the Project Management Center of Excellence in Top MNC

With over 16+ years of experience in application software solutions, he has in-depth understanding of information technology and outsourcing business. His strong relationship with major global customers supported by excellent project management skills has been a key contributor to the organization. Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy brings with him rich hands on experience in Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Application Management Services. His general management expertise is in the area of organization building, team leadership and program management.

He has a proven track record of successfully managing many complex projects, for global customers. He has made significant contributions to pioneering and implementing several organization wide strategic initiatives. He championed the project management profession for His organization,India and has been recipient of several awards and recognition for his contributions to Project Management.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy Ramaswamy is a speaker in Project Management at many prestigious international and national seminars and forums. 

He is certified PMP and an SAP Certified Professional.

Areas of Expertise -I

« Anti-Corruption – Monitored and advised to prevent a multi-million dollar financing fraud submitted to US financiers and a major public corporation.  Discovered improprieties through strategy meetings with government officials and project developers, secured documents to expose improper business arrangements, and presented findings to US investment bankers and corporate executives that chose to withdraw from the international deal.

«  Project Evaluations – Explored local, regional and national project opportunities with government officials, developers, private investors and investment bankers.

«  Economic Planning – Evaluated the compilation of economic and other data by government planning officials and recommended that the processes/procedures be reorganized to improve the quality of local and regional development plans.

«  Business Consultations – Advised and assisted small and medium size business (SME) owners with start-ups, expansions and operations improvements.  Distributed bi-lingual Business Plan instructional booklets and assisted management with compilation and implementation where necessary.  Introduced the Supply Chain concept to reduce costs and increase productivity.

«  Community Development – Coordinated efforts with PVOs and government to provide training materials and educational programs for local businesses and residents.  Included were a management-training program and multi-media community health awareness program.  Prepared grant proposals to secure funds for communication, recreation and tourism projects.

«  Training Programs – Instructed and trained business owners and students in accounting and control methods that would facilitate operational and procedural efficiency and effectiveness.  Created and installed a basic business training program to solve problems in industry.

«  Business Development – Advised and assisted diverse international business groups to cooperate and partner on projects where mutual benefits and synergism were likely to occur

«  Presentations – Presented innovative management concepts and forecast targeted results for municipal operations to senior city government officials after completing a review of planned construction, budgetary constraints and environmental concerns.

«  Restructuring and Institutional Strengthening – Cooperated with senior city officials on a project to determine an optimal structure and staffing for municipal government.  Priority considerations were given to devastating sanitation and water pollution problems coupled with a very limited budget strained by tax collection delinquencies.

«  Economic Development – Analyzed data to assess the impact of government spending on economic development plans.  Advised officials of fundamental infrastructure and other requirements necessary to successfully market the city and region to investors.

           Areas of Expertise -II
 Financial Management / Consulting

Y Acquisitions – Reviewed and evaluated potential acquisitions for companies through record examination, analysis and projection, thereby reducing purchase price and identifying optimal integration with existing businesses.

Y Divestitures – Advised and assisted senior management in the divestiture of an operating division.  Served as interim financial officer and oversaw accounting operations (receivables, payables, etc.), general ledger preparation and financial reporting.  Implemented procedures to reduce receivables collections periods and minimize further inventory investments.

Y  Feasibility Study – Consulted to establish the project design of a feasibility study to evaluate the economic and social impact of a major capital equipment and facilities expansion for an oil refining and distribution company.

Y  Financial Reporting – Prepared assorted financial reports (including financial statements and analyses, budgets and forecasts, etc.) for internal and external distribution via personal computers and popular software programs.

Y  Financial Audits – Conducted financial audits, completed consolidated financial statements, and prepared tax returns to satisfy various reporting requirements.

Y  Business Surveys – Surveyed business and financial operations with the objective of proposing a course of action to improve bottom-line results.  Collaborated with executive management to assess organizational needs and decide on project implementation.

Y  Business Consultations – Advised and assisted small/medium enterprise (SME) development through business plan preparation, financing arrangements, restructuring, and training.

Y  Productivity Improvements – Conducted productivity studies and profitability analyses to evaluate business operations and provide management with strategic plans for future growth.

Y  Portfolio Reviews – Acquired and utilized securities and insurance licenses for client development and a technical/marketing knowledge base to facilitate consultations.  Evaluated individual and business needs to ensure adequate insurance coverage and an appropriately diversified investment portfolio for optimal performance.

Y  Business Finance – Consulted with financiers and borrowers concerning suitable financing packages that included small business/personal loans, accounts receivable financing, factoring, leasing and inventory/collateral loans.

Y  Hospital Administration – Improved a hospital’s admitting procedure, prepared job classifications for all personnel, and evaluated various professional services via financial/operational analysis.

Y  Record Recovery – Reconstructed and reviewed financial records for municipal governments to ensure the propriety of reporting and compliance with regulations.

       Areas of Expertise -III

Financial / Operational Auditing

² Audit Programs – Created and installed an operational/financial auditing program for an international manufacturer and distributor of consumer and industrial goods.

² Management Audits – Conducted extensive operational and financial reviews that encompassed the full range of retail activity through the sales audit and advertising functions.

² Internal Control Reviews – Performed internal control reviews for a major manufacturer that included examinations of: purchasing operations; inventory costing and valuation; warehousing and shipping procedures; product development operations; data processing systems security and backup.

² Policies and Procedures – Conducted a comprehensive review of commercial loan policies and procedures involving leasing, equipment sales financing, accounts receivable lending, factoring, collateral and signature loans.  Financial and operational auditing focused on procedural compliance and detection of fraud.

² Management Information Systems – Reviewed management information systems reporting for propriety and distribution, simultaneously evaluating internal control procedures.

² Joint Ventures – Reviewed corporate treasury and venture capital operations, including a joint venture proposal that was developed to facilitate shopping center construction and management.  Researched and developed the tax implications of diverse business strategies.

² Financial System Reviews – Conducted reviews that included the budget processes, account classes and variance reporting.  Reviewed revenue and expenditure systems, documenting and evaluating internal controls for compliance and adequacy.  Examined procurement functions for propriety, including proper authorizations and accounting.

              Areas of Expertise -IV
General / Operations Management

µ  Business Development – Created a database of associates and prospective clients for use in sourcing new business while maintaining a competitive posture in the marketplace.

µ  Career Development – Advised and assisted in the formulation and execution of customized executive marketing programs that resulted in career growth and development for clients.

µ  Clinical Treatment – Performed clinical treatment and emergency transport in a hospital and healthcare environment to save and preserve lives.  Developed an excellent rapport with physicians and medical staff.

µ  Conflict Resolutions – Demonstrated exceptional diplomatic skills when negotiating conflict resolutions with senior institutional administrators and government officials.

µ  Information Systems – Collaborated with health care managers, practitioners and educators, on a regional health information system project to enhance the allocation of limited resources.

µ  Interim Management – Served as interim financial or operations officer for companies during periods of transition.  Planned and directed special projects in conjunction, utilizing existing staff when possible.  Supervised managers / professionals and attendant staff.

µ  Management Review – Reviewed lessee business operations and financial records to determine compliance with contractual obligations and the propriety of payments to lessor.

µ  Operations Management – Created the role of trouble-shooter for senior management and subsequently completed various operating assignments.

µ  Policies and Procedures – Developed and implemented policies and procedures to facilitate the operations and growth of a virtual Internet company with partners dispersed nationwide.

µ  Preventive Maintenance – Established preventative maintenance procedures for physical plant and other facilities based upon operating requirements and cost/benefit analysis.

µ  Product Evaluation – Reviewed and revised the content of an Internet-based business diagnostic program which was developed to provide comprehensive assistance to small and medium sized businesses.

µ  Property Management – Managed residential properties including single and multiple family units.  Developed land and buildings as warranted.  Arranged sales based upon economic and market conditions.

µ  Restructuring – Introduced changes in organizational structure and operating procedures to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

µ  Startups – Advised and assisted in the startup of traditional and Internet-based business ventures to enhance the product or service offering and increase the potential for success.

µ  System Development – Developed an automated price authorization system for a national sales and marketing organization to improve the review of non-standard price requests and expedite the approval process.

           Area of Expertise - V
Human Resources / Administrative Management

þ  Employee Benefits – Examined and evaluated various employee benefit programs to ensure the dissemination of stated benefits and the propriety of costs.  Interacted with insurance and pension plan personnel in the resolution of complaints.

þ  Insurance and Risk Management – Solicited bids for insurance coverage based upon realistic market values and loss expectations.  Evaluated costs of coverage versus probability of loss to ensure optimal position.

þ  Labor Relations – Advised and assisted with both recruiting and outplacement efforts for management and staff in order to satisfy identified changes in personnel requirements during a company’s liquidation.

þ  Labor Unions – Examined the propriety of corporate dealings and financial transactions with various labor unions.

þ  Legal Matters – Arranged for legal counsel as appropriate in various civil matters.  Completed and presented financial project work for the court’s consideration in business bankruptcy proceedings.

þ  Personnel Administration and Budgeting – Created job descriptions and specifications for personnel in all departments of a hospital, subsequently reviewing pay rates and preparing operating budgets through collaboration with line managers.

þ  Worker’s Compensation – Reviewed the handling of claims and interaction with government officials to determine the propriety of associated actions and costs.

    Area of Expertise - VI   


   Change Management – Conducted business meetings with management groups for information transfer and to facilitate the implementation of new concepts and procedures.

  Management Development – Facilitated the development of business managers in various aspects of operations and financial management through instruction and other informal knowledge transfer methods.

  Training Materials and Presentations – Prepared and edited instructional materials to facilitate training programs in both classroom and boardroom sessions.  Created and developed presentations for business groups to explain the methods and procedures required to implement desired organizational changes.  Presented educational and informational programs to business and student groups.   

    Area of Expertise - VII  

 Law Solutions

Leadership Stage Law Solutions is a personal, but professional HR and Employment Law consultancy that provides value added HR Advice and Recruitment Outsourcing from our offices.
Helping You/Your Company: - Provide Expert, Practical Guidance on
·        Hire great employees
·       Manage difficult employee scenarios – 
·      Optimise employee performance and commitment
·      Protect your business from employment tribunal 
·      Implement favourable Contracts of Employment
·     Restructure for improved commercial benefit
·     Manage redundancy or Transfer of Undertakings 
      Protection scenarios
·     Retain and Train talent
·     Strategy and Entrepreneurship
·     Making Rainmakers
Leadership Stage Law Solutions Rainmaker Guidance delivers: -
ü  Value: the most effective new business campaigns available
ü  Experience: properly resourced, balanced and capable client teams
ü  Intelligence: superior planning competency
ü  Insights: exclusive access to the unrivalled information of Pearl finders
ü  Technique: best-practice prospecting
ü  Social: Twitter and LinkedIn CRM integration
ü  Marketing: penetration, brand building, prospect relationship development
ü  Research: competitors, clients, markets
ü  Data: the richest and most accurate decision-maker database
ü  Training: best practice new business and pitch training
ü Transparency: online performance measurement reporting
ü  Trust: a safe pair of hands for your company's valued brand
ü  Results: reliable delivery even in the most testing conditions
·         Merger and Acquisition
·         Tenders and Pitches
·         Guidance in Strategic Discussion

     In the firm I founded and where I was Director for almost 16 years, I was at the heart of devising and implementing strategies which took us from a suburban sole practice to leading worldwide player in all our key markets.

     A deliberate search for a plan of action that will develop a business’s competitive advantage and compound it.

    This is a short phrase, but the journey from conception to realisation is not so short. Nor is it always completed. The road to professional firm hell is littered with discarded strategic plans.

      Successful strategy relies on two elements: the original conception and effective implementation. No two firms are the same, but the challenges are similar:

      Analysing correctly the opportunities and threats, both internal and external.

     Assessing honestly the firm’s strengths and weaknesses

    Setting the right goals, then leading, motivating and communicating so that the whole organisation strives in unison to achieve them.

   Having the guts to commit the hard cash and resources necessary to make ambition reality.

   Today, I work closely with many different kinds of firm to achieve their Leadership Stage goals. I offer my clients deep knowledge and experience, an independent mind, and a passionate commitment to their success.

·         Coaching and Mentoring Key People
      In a 16+ years career, founding a firm which grew from a sole practice to become ultimately a key part of an international giant, I have had to face all of these issues and resolve them for myself and colleagues. Today, I have the privilege of acting as personal mentor and confidante to people in some of the World’s best known firms. Generally, I work with partners, from Managing Partner to newly appointed. My objective, always, is to be a trusted guide and confidante. I bring to this work a reflective, listening ear, all my skill and experience, and total confidentiality. I strive to be empathetic, but also to say what I think and challenge people for their own benefit.

      Watching the people, I work with develop, become happier, more effective and successful is without doubt one of the most satisfying experiences one can have.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, B.Tech,MBA,MBL,PGDHRL,PGDCRL,PGDIPRL, PH.D in Quantitative Research,Evaluation and Measurement (QREM) in Education Policy and Leadership ,SAP, PMP,IJCTC, CPRW, CPCC,CEIP,EMCC,Certified Master Coach

One of the best Legendary mime artist, one of the most acclaimed representatives of this form of art in the world today.

Maestro of Mime/Theatre,Street play artist,Actor,Speaker, Coach,Corporate Mime Theatre trainer, Mime-Theatre Therapy Specialist,Mime-Theatre Research and Development Specialist,Leadership Stage Mime Nonverbal Communication Master, Story Teller, Corporate Management Coach, Writer, Mime-Theatre Story teller, Children Specialist,Special children trainer, choreographer, teacher, director, producer Entrepreneur,Motivational Speaker,Career/Life Coach,Business/Financial/Legal Consultant,Leadership Stage Coach, and author of scripts for Leadership Stage mime theatre. He is the Director –Founder-Coach-Mentor-Think Tank of Leadership Stage India

He has done his Ph.D. in Mime and Theatre, Ph.D. in Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement (QREM)in Education Policy and Leadership from The Ohio State University, United States.
·         Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy is a leader in the field of Leadership Stage Business Voice coaching, presentation training, leadership communication and inspirational leadership development with over 16+ years of experience in the public and private sector.
·         Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, Director/Coach of the Leadership Stage Corporate Mime Theatre, first realized the power of the performing arts to create confidence, ignite passion, release insight and shift understanding by teaching performing arts at post-secondary and tertiary level.
·         Moving into Leadership Stage Corporate Education after working in business in senior and executive roles in leadership development, employee communication and culture change, Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy were struck by the lack of focus in organizations on developing the imaginative, intuitive and expressive dimensions of leading.
·         The importance of Leadership Stage Presence, Leadership Stage voice skills and Leadership communication techniques for inspiring and transforming workplaces, for example, has been largely ignored, or left to chance.
·         He founded the Leadership Stage Corporate Mime Theatre in 1998 to address this imbalance. The Leadership Stage Communication and Leadership Stage Programs and services they now offer tackle this inspiration gap head on.
·         He has developed and investigates the Leadership Stage through Arts (Dance-music- mime-theatre-art-craft-visual arts-creative arts) training and management program.
·         Leadership Stage: Innovator of New Concept of Dancing Mime Play/ Innovator of “MimeDance” Play- process, a movement therapy ritual that has emerged from the music practice in combination with Mime expression and Dance movement psychotherapy principles. The Leadership Stage concept format is considered an original contribution to the fields of arts- movement therapy and the music practice. A combined phenomenological and heuristic research model was used to study the experiences of mime; dance movement therapy with music.He has considered him as a social catalyst to change the world through his Leadership Stage program.
·         Lions Club Intl honored our Director Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy with their Lifetime Achiever Award for his outstanding contributions, community service through loyal, faithful, and unselfish effort resulting to take our young talents to leadership stage through his research, Specialize in the Creation of Leadership Stage through arts training and management Program Concept
·         Dr. Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has done his PhD.Based on his Research he wants to lead all the Job seeking candidates, engineers, doctors, lawyers, management professional, future filmmakers, actors, actress, dancers, musicians, artist, theatre, mime artist, & technical crew to leadership stage and he also planned to provide a platform for them to move on to the next level of film making in a professional way by helping them to earn money and get regular income out of their works.
·         Leadership Stage India Media and Entertainment  Labs is here to implement a new concept “Leadership Stage for Future Filmmakers”. Future filmmakers in the sense Short film Makers. In recent times short films and short film makers are increasing in more no's, not just because time duration and production cost is less. It helps for the future film makers to grow in their respective fields, learn their mistakes and experience in field of Film making. In past short film been for time pass and portfolios but now Short film in its new stage called “Future Films". Nowadays short films have been into the next level of it, by getting more professional and competitive.
·         In this fast moving world, People really need a change like Test matches into 50 over match and now it’s just 20-20 for the cricket lovers. Similarly, movie lovers also need a change here, they don’t want to waste 3 hours just for one film and they also don’t want to waste money to watch one single movie, but they would love to spend 20 to 30 mints for a short film. Because it’s short, crisp, sweet and also entertaining. That’s why we are here to bring in a new revolution in the field of future film and to establish a new industry named Future Film industry

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy – The Way Of Work
Leadership Stage Corporate Mime Training is conducted by world's best  expert voice, speech, presentation, business communication and leadership development coach Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy.

He has  pioneered the importance of the Emotionally Expressive-facilitative domain in leadership education and explored innovative ways of using the skills and techniques of mime theatre performance to develop a more inspirational brand of leader for the 21st century. Their combined skills make Leadership Stage Mime Theatre training unique and highly effective. 

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy is  highly talented coach, skilled at bringing out the best in others. He provide a safe yet stimulating learning environment that encourages people to step out of their comfort zone, try new approaches and take themselves to the next level as leaders and communicators.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned performed on the business stage, the Leadership Stage Corporate Mime Theatre offers the opportunity and expert guidance you need to rehearse and perfect your new skills as an inspiring leader and as a credible, compelling communicator.

People come to us because they do not want the ‘same old, same old’ approaches to presentation and communication skills training and leadership development. Clients who use us are looking to be ‘best in their field’. They want to be challenged, stretched and excited.

They want expert guidance based on deep knowledge of body work, voice work, presentation and performance techniques, the psychology of peak performance and inspirational leadership approaches. Our clients thrive on the personalized development experience and constructive personal feedback we provide.


Mime Maestro  Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's background in Theatre, Mime and acting gives him a wealth of experience and a special "spin" in his training and talks on impactful presentation skills, body awareness, body language, creative expression, personal branding and communication skills.

He knows and breathes the skills of the actor/performer and his Leadership Stage Mime-Theatre-based training techniques create a unique atmosphere for learning. His Team building activities have been developed through years of experience with the bonding required of a cast and theatre ensemble, activating personal presence, believable communication, credibility and emotional intelligence.

His experience with relaxation methods and body education, combined with his 15+ years as a Director in the business world, creates the stage for powerful work with stress management, time management and energy management for your corporate wellness programs.

His travels around the world have created a high cross-cultural and global awareness and sensitivity which is evident in all of his courses. Creativity and leadership weave through all of his work. Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy can tailor and customise each course for your company's specific needs.
·         Leadership Stage Presentation Skills
·         Leadership Stage Body Language Technique
·         Leadership Stage Stress Management
·         Leadership Stage Cross-Cultural Communication
·         Leading with Leadership Stage Creativity Edge
·         Leadership Stage Time and Energy Management
·         Developing Leadership Stage Cultural Sensitivity
·         Creative Leadership Stage Team Dynamics
·         Assertive Leadership Stage Communication
·         Leadership Stage Media Training for Executives
·         Developing Leadership Presence
·         Leadership Stage Voice
·         Leadership Stage Microphone
·         Leadership Stage Trust Matters
·         Leadership Stage Emotional Intelligence
·         Leadership Stage Effective Relaxation Methodology
·         Leadership Stage Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
·         Leadership Stage Mime and Performance Skills
·         Leadership Stage Movement and Creativity
·         The Leadership Stage BAAA...Oooo... Method: Awareness through Movement

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage Talks

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has been a presenter at numerous events, conferences and corporate meetings as a keynote speaker. His talks are lively, informative and entertaining. They embody the essence of many of his longer programs and workshops, and also serve as an excellent introduction or enticement to have people sign up for his other programs.
·         Leadership Stage Body Language Impression
·         Managing Your Stress For Energy, Focus And Renewal
·         Your Body Language Speaks Louder Than Your Words
·         Leading with Leadership Stage Creativity Edge
·         Leadership Stage Work Life Balance
·         Leadership Stage Booster

Leadership Stage Coaching is a special skill requiring patience, a fine-tuned sense of listening and a motivating spirit. From CEO's, Managing Directors and political figures to people from all walks of life just needing a helping hand, Mime Maestro Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has been an effective coach in time and stress management, presentation skills, voice improvement, setting priorities, dealing with difficult people and challenging oneself to improve in many other aspects of personal and professional development. Coaching is quite flexible and can be done over a period of time on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis. Meetings can take place in the office, outside the office in another setting or in the privacy of your home. Highly recommended is the Leadership Stage One to One Program, which combines classroom training and personal coaching for up to 10 Leaders over a 2-day period.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy is a highly skilled performer. As a speaking actor or as a silent mime artistMime Legend Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy can customize a performance for your company or organisation which can serve as an entertaining highlight for a quarterly or yearly meeting, staff retreat, or special staff party or event. Such performances involve research into the daily activities of the people who work in the company and combining them with pertinent issues that are both recognizable and can be approached in a humorous way. He can also work directly with selected staff members and direct them in a production all about your company.
Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy also has done numerous voice overs for educational and corporate programs as well as corporate videos and commercial work. He is available to train groups and to coach individuals on a range of performance skills from enhancing your voice to improving your posture to magnifying your stage presence. For 16+ years he was a performer, director and actor with the Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Company, an internationally acclaimed professional mime Theatre group which toured throughout the World at Mime Theatres, universities and public venues.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy’s Leadership Stage Corporate Mime Theatre Programs
·         The Artistic, Scientific and Interpersonal Leader
·         "Be Inspired" Team Development Time Out
·         6 Conversations for Leading Change
·         Feedback and Coaching Skills
·         Presence Presentation & Personal Impact Diagnostic

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy’s Leadership Stage Corporate Mime Theatre Programs-Conference Speaking
·         We tailor our presentation to your needs and interests

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy’s Leadership Stage Corporate Mime Theatre Programs - Coaching and Consulting
-          Personal Leadership Presence & Impact Analysis
-          Voice, Speech & Public Speaking Skills
-          Executive Presentation Coaching
-          Communication strategy & advice
-          Leadership Development
-          Mentoring, Coaching & Feedback
-          Leading Change
-          Speech Writing


·         India’s Mime Theatre Maestro Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has done his PhD in Mime and Theatre - 1st Research holder in mime-theatre field.

·         Legend Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has done his PhD in Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement(QREM) - India’s 1st Research Holder in Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement

·         1st Time in the World Maestro of Mime Theatre Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy Developed and investigates the Leadership Stage through Arts (Dance-Music-Mime-Theatre-Art-Craft-Visual Arts-Creative arts ) Training and management Program

·         Innovator of New Concept of Dancing Mime Play/ Innovator of “MimeDance” Play- process, a movement therapy ritual that has emerged from the music practice in combination with Mime expression and Dance movement psychotherapy principles. The Leadership Stage concept format is considered an original contribution to the fields of arts- movement therapy and the music practice. A combined phenomenological and heuristic research model was used to study the experiences of mime; dance movement therapy with music

·         Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, the Leadership Stage Mime nonverbal communication master, developing his cutting edge "Leadership Stage Messages Inside the Mime" seminars to help improve the verbal and nonverbal communication (body language) skills of people from all walks of life and occupational backgrounds

·         Innovator of New Concept of Emotionally Expressive Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Training/Workshops for Job Seekers, Doctors, Middle, Senior Management Professionals, Legal Professionals, parents, kids, HR Professionals, IT Professionals, etc.

Innovator of New Creative Media Concept "Leadership Stage for Future Filmmakers”.


-   Life Time Achiever Award

Certification of Excellence Award

Best Innovation Awards

- Fastest Growing Company

- Best Concepts Award

- Most Trusted Brand


    Ø      To contribute to scholarly inquiry and support educational practice at related areas of the education institutes.

  Ø      To prepare the students as Leaders with expertise in QREM.

  Ø      To complement the methodological and professional offerings of the School of educational policy and Leadership

  Ø      Applied measurement in elementary, secondary and college education within the context of program, product, or personnel evaluations, with are on validity evidences for the use of instruments, fairness in testing, and program effectiveness.

  Ø      Statistical methods, with an emphasis on single and multilevel generalized linear models, evaluation of professional development and health/education interventions, particularly for decease prevention; secondary analysis of large-scale databases, capacity building for community –based organizations, translate evidence –based interventions.

  Ø  Applied measurement and assessment,with an emphasis on validity analysis and testing as an educational reform lever, evaluation of educational program for underprivileged children and families ; innovate research methods and testing.

Expanding Knowledge in Education

The founding of Leadership Stage India Mime Theatre, a successful India personal growth and empowerment company, is based on Legend Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy , the Leadership Stage Mime nonverbal communication master, developing his cutting edge "Leadership Stage Messages Inside the Mime" seminars to help improve the verbal and nonverbal communication (body language) skills of people from all walks of life and occupational backgrounds.

Legend Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy is a recognized speaker, teacher, writer and trainer, a 16-year leading media sales executive and accomplished stage actor, mime and singer. Throughout his career, he has used his experience, triumphs and achievements to motivate and inspire his peers in entertainment and broadcast media marketing. After so many years in media marketing.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy , through his company, Leadership Stage India Mime Theatre, has developed an exciting new vision of how to empower people and businesses to reach greater potentials through leadership Stage nonverbal communication awareness training, a unique take on body language understanding. With his background, being a professional mimer and years of using body language in media marketing; Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy brings originality to his keynote speeches, workshops and seminars. His perspective on body language awareness is topical and humorous!! He uses an interactive approach with a sense of excitement and fun to increase people's sense of self-worth and the power of their inherent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy 's workshops are an epiphany for people. They teach individuals and companies the nonverbal tools and techniques they need to develop new mind sets to create new possibilities in their lives, be more productive in their personal and business lives. For individuals and companies that learn and employ these skill sets, the results personally and to the bottom line are phenomenal.

Leadership Stage Skill: You know where to go

Leadership Stage India. Workshops/seminars Presents Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Awareness Skill ( Self Employed )

Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Awareness Skill is an awareness enhancing workshop presented through Leadership Stage India Media and Entertainment Labs Seminars by Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy . These workshops are designed to bring more optimism, power of vision, expansion of personal horizons, encouragement, practical prosperity, hope, mindfulness, inner peace and happiness to people who desire empowerment in a time of challenge and change. Leadership Stage Awareness tools from meditation and journaling to prayer and journeying will be discussed and expanded upon. Don't miss this life-changing workshop.


Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy is a distinguished Mime artist, Theatre artist, Street play artist, Speaker, Speaker Coach, actor, director, producer, Choreographer, Corporate mime-theatre therapy Specialist, Special Children Trainer and author

It was a dream, which took some years to realize. An ardent believer in hard work, creativity and ‘never say die’ passion, Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy founded a prestigious Art {dance, theatre work, music, art & craft} training institute and Consulting business (Management & IT Training, Career Consulting Educational Training & Tutorial) on his own and called it “Leadership Stage India Group” .

Leadership Stage India Arts Training Program- It was my dream from my school days, to set up the own institute and impart /share the knowledge and talent with other interested budding artist.. It was his pure dedication towards the art and the lord of art that he handled and managed the academy for so many years. Known for promoting Indian classical art forms. Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has been working closely with the country’s well known educational institutions

v  Trained: (Workshops/Classes)- 1,01,318 People (From Age 2 to 63Years)    -  Leadership Stage Training and Management Program

v  Entertained:- 11211864 People (From Age 2 to 98Years)   -Through our Leadership Stage Arts Performance and Filmmaking

v  Stage Shows: - 1902 Shows

v  Placed:- 4794 People – In media/entertainment Industry – Different Part of the world

v  Placed:- 15,000 Candidates -within Last 6 Months - Different Part of the World

v  Creating Win-Win Results in why Our Group is the best choice for 3814 Companies/Research Institutes

v  Supported for 17 Patients

v  Applied within Last 6 Months

v  Supported for 1501 Publications in Various International/National Journals within Last 6 Months

v  Arrangements with 1357 In plant Training

v  Placed 1284 Students in Intl Universities

v  Placed 3151 Students in Indian Universities

v  Our Director Been a Judge for ( New Tech Invention-Technical Paper Presentation- Mime-Theatre-Street Play-Acting-Short Film-Film-Dance-Music-Fashion-Show - Creative Writing ,etc)

v  International Theatre Festivals

v  Streetplay Festivals

v  South Zone Inter-University Youth Festival

v  International/National Film Festivals

v  Judged for National/International Level Mime Festival

v  Been a Judge :- 4268 Events

ü  IIT-Chennai

ü  IIT-Kharagpur

ü  National law School of India University

ü  Anna University

ü  Gulbarga University

ü  Bangalore University

ü  Tumkur University

ü  University of Mysore

ü  University of Madras

ü  Bharathidasan University,Tiruchirapalli,Tamilnadu.

ü  Acharya Nagarjuna University,Guntur,Andhra Pradesh

ü  CMR Institute of Technology

ü  Jindal Global Law School

ü  University of Kerala,Trivandrum

ü  Sri Venkateswara University,Tirupathi,Andhra Pradesh

ü  Krishna University,Machilipatnam,Andhra Pradesh

ü  Rani Channamma University,Belagavi

ü  Yogi Vemana University,Kadapa

ü  Karnataka State Women's University,Bijapur

ü  Mangalore University

ü  Kannur University

ü  Cochin University

ü  Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit,Kalady,Kerala

ü  People's Education Society (PES) Institute of Technology

ü  M.G (Mahatma Gandhi) University,Kottayam,Kerala

ü  Adikavi Nannaya University,Rajahmundry,Andhra Pradesh

ü  Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (University for Women),Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

ü  Cochin University of Science and Technology, Thrikkakara, Kerala

ü  Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham/Amrita University,Coimbatore

ü  Kuvempu University,Shankaraghatta, Karnataka

ü  University of Calicut,Kozhikode, Kerala

ü  Christ University

ü  PSG Tech Coimbatore

ü  Nalsar University of Law,Hyderabad

ü  Christ Law College,Bangalore

ü  Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies,Mumbai

ü  National Institute of Design ( NID)

ü  Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology

ü  Sophias College for Women,Mumbai

ü  Shri Venkateswara College,Delhi

ü  University Law College ,Bangalore

ü  St.Josephs College for Commerce,Bangalore

ü  SASTRA University,Tanjore

ü  RN Shetty Institute of Technology

ü  Loyola College , Chennai

ü  Christ Junior College

ü  M.O.P.Vaishnav College for Women

ü  Mount Carmel College

ü  St.Joseph College of Commerce

ü  RV College of Engineering,Bangalore

ü  PSG College of Arts and Science ,Coimbatore

ü  Amrita School of Engineering,Bangalore

ü  Hidayatullah National Law University,Raipur

ü  MIT,Manipal

ü  MOP Vaishnav College for Women,Chennai

ü  Loyola College

ü  SRM University

ü  M.S.Ramiah College ,

ü  M.G.R.janaki College,Chennai

ü  Christ university,Bangalore

ü  Presidency College,Bangalore

ü  Don Dosco School,

ü  St.John school

ü  Ethiraj college,Chennai

ü  Canadian International School

ü  Gopalan Intl School

ü  Carmel Convent

Leadership Stage Mime Training brings the power of the arts and humanities to show you how you can create a high performance culture through inspirational engagement.

We bring our unique range of experience and an unrivaled resource of outstanding talent to bear on the process of connecting our students with the true but hitherto untapped potential within themselves and the teams. It is a unique theatrical training ground for students interested in becoming actors, singers, dancers,mime artists,clowns or voice artist.It benefits many different categories of people, all of whom find their lives permanently enriched as a result. There are others wishing to work in remedial teaching or with the disabled and emotionally disturbed. And there are those, who in search of themselves, find the entire period an invaluable time of self-exploration.We are agile in ensuring that the learning we offer focuses on effectiveness as well as on personal growth.Our approach is guided by the criteria of High Performance Behaviors.

The Leadership Stage India Mime Training offers a rare opportunity to study diversity of Theatre arts under one roof during the entire period of training. We help leadership stage students towards fresh thinking, courageous authenticity,and deeper emotional empathy.The acquire the physical skills and awareness with which to build confidence and communicate a compelling vision.The subjects taught include expressive mime, Illusionary mime, Commedia Dell' Arte,make up, voice production, acting,ballet and creative leadership technique.

Goals of this study

v Develop Awareness of self through refined physicalization

v Sharpen the ability to express ideas through movement

v Cultivate better silent communication on stage.

v Increase Confidence through better physical flexibility and the ability to adapt to different physical styles

v Help the Artist to be more creative in the physical nuance involved in the creation of a character.

The purpose of Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy 's expressive Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Training is to develop maximum expressiveness in all performing artists. As such, every student is related to on a one to one basis so that his or her latent abilities can be subsequently discovered and nurtured.They want to invest in an experience that can improve and potentially transform how an individual leads, and that can increase bandwidth of inspirational engagement and leadership throughout their work.
The results of this training have been extraordinary, not only for the minority of students who enter the course with already cultivated skills,but also for the student who arrives with little or no training and or/feelings or inhibition. All students blossom in the atmosphere of careful correction and positive encouragement.


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