Mime Legend Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy


Leadership Stage Coaching is a special skill requiring patience, a fine-tuned sense of listening and a motivating spirit. From CEO's, Managing Directors and political figures to people from all walks of life just needing a helping hand, Mime Legend Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has been an effective coach in time and stress management, presentation skills, voice improvement, setting priorities, dealing with difficult people and challenging oneself to improve in many other aspects of personal and professional development. Coaching is quite flexible and can be done over a period of time on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis. Meetings can take place in the office, outside the office in another setting or in the privacy of your home. Highly recommended is the Leadership Stage One to One Program, which combines classroom training and personal coaching for up to 10 Leaders over a 2-day period.

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