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Leadership Stage Microphone Training

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage Microphone Training

As communicators and representatives of your company or organization, all staff members who handle the microphone must present themselves in a professional, credible and engaging manner. Poor microphone presentations linger and affect the entire mood of the audience, needing recovery time before they will trust to give back their full attention and commitment. Excellent microphone presentations, on the other hand, make an impact. People tune in, listen and get excited as you command their interest and attention. You introduce, induce and seduce the audience. Whether your role is to impart information, move people from one place to another, get people involved in activities, answer questions or give an introduction, you are the one to set up the atmosphere, lead the way and build anticipation with your microphone mastery.

This Leadership Stage Microphone Training program provides skills and tools which are essential to proper preparation and utilization of the microphone. It will also focus on activating your personal and professional presence to be confident, convincing and dynamic when presenting. The microphone is your friend. It is a device which can enhance your goals for the occasion. The microphone is the centerpiece of an entire process, beginning with your entrance into space where the audience is gathered. The moment you are seen by the public, whether "the public" is one person or a massive group, your performance begins. It continues as you walk to the stage, speak to the audience and walk off the stage. Through this entire process, you are a representative of your company. Your alignment with the culture is critical; that is, your appearance requires your full "presence," an awareness of your posture, body movement, body attitude, facial expression, eye contact, gesture, dress and vocal variety. Knowing how to deal with problems as they arise, such as a power failure, faulty equipment, an injury, a heckler, shows the difference between an amateur and a professional. Learning how to project a friendly and thankful attitude rather than an aloof or self-important one can make an enormous difference in the experience of an audience.

The Leadership Stage Microphone Training program is highly interactive with two video recordings of each participant as a critical component, feedback and analysis of the presentations, informative lectures, ample time for discussion of issues and for hands-on practice through the videos and role-plays as well as through movement, breathing and vocal exercises. You will learn to use the microphone as the spice to flavor your presentation with confidence, competence and clarity, and with vocal and visual impact to effectively influence and move your audience.

Learning Objectives
  • Become familiar with microphone technique
  • Use the microphone to your vocal advantage
  • Heighten your attention and awareness of your self-image and self-presentation
  • Understand your role as a speaker aligned with your company or organisation
  • Point out habits and patterns which help or hinder your presentation
  • Enhance your ability to use your body language to your advantage
  • Create a clear, focused and concise objective for your presentation
  • Know how to analyze, adapt to and respect your audience
  • Increase your ability to communicate more effectively
  • Activate your personal presence and power for more impactful microphone presentations
  • Reduce nervousness and anxiety - increase confidence to achieve your goals

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Writing and reflection
  • Individual, partner and group movement, breathing and vocal exercises
  • Role plays
  • Hands-on microphone practice
  • Video recordings and feedback analysis
  • Direct feedback on presentation skills and effectiveness and impact
  • Power point
  • Active participation throughout

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