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The Leadership Stage BAAA...Oooo... Method: Awareness through Movement Training

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's The Leadership Stage BAAA...Oooo... Method: Awareness through Movement Training

The Leadership Stage BAAA… Oooo…Method: Awareness through Moment Training Introduction and Description

Executives and performing artists alike are often surprised how they look when they see themselves on videotape or in a film clip. Our inner image of ourselves may differ from how we project ourselves to our staff, colleagues or audience. A deeper inner body awareness can help us perform fully and confidently, leading to a stronger "presence", the quality which separates a good performer from an ordinary performer.

The Leadership Stage BAAA… Oooo…Method provides an ideal way to tune in to the inner workings of our body. Developed by scientist and judo-expert Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, it is a learning process with surprising results even for the most experienced performer and presenter. It provides a powerful way to contact the intelligence of the body to learn, discover, create, improve and move with ease, variation, clarity and quality. Through gentle, repetitive movements, it makes us aware of our habitual patterns of movement, posture and daily life, and challenges us to discover alternatives to the old familiar ways of doing things. This stimulates a creative and awake attitude necessary for both executives and artists. Attention is on the quality of movement and the elimination of unnecessary movement which hinders clarity of expression. It is about breaking habits and taking risks. Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy described a goal of his work to make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.

There are two forms of the Leadership Stage BAAA… Oooo…Method.

  • The group work is called "Leadership Stage Awareness through Movement" (LSATM) and is a series of verbal instructions given to the participants, who usually lie on the floor on mats or blankets, to move in various combinations related to functions such as breathing, reaching, turning, sitting, standing, walking and jumping.
  • The individual work, "Leadership Stage Functional Integration" (LSFI), is a one-on-one, hands-on approach which reduces tension and stimulates a better body organization. In addition, concepts experienced through the LSATM lessons, such as reversibility, inhibition, paradox and differentiation, are often transformed for later use in the group as performance activities or related directly to workplace situations.

Executives can enhance their personal presence and self-confidence. Actors and dancers benefit from this work with a deepened understanding and activation of the body which act as catalysts to strengthen their work in all their other courses. Musicians improve their posture, breathing and ability to relax. All participants from whatever walk of life find ways to help prevent stress, reduce pain and injury, and learn how to take care of themselves. Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy himself worked with well-known musicians, theatre directors, and anthropologist.


This course aims to help and train participants to:

  • Free the body from habits, constraints and limitations to expression
  • Improve posture and increase awareness of body tensions and stresses
  • Learn to listen to and interpret body signals
  • Find a neutral position of "balanced readiness" from which to move, act, speak and express
  • Explore and expand movement capabilities and possibilities
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Activate and strengthen personal and stage presence
  • Increase self-confidence, trust and the ability to communicate
  • Learn a series of basic movements and exercises which can be incorporated into their personal and professional lives

Leadership Stage Training Duration and Format

This course provides participants with the fundamentals of the Leadership Stage BAAA… Oooo…Method to help improve body awareness, posture, breathing and quality of movement, connecting this learning to a readiness and for action. The course moves from standard work to skills based on concepts underlying the method applicable to your particular work and life situation. It combines theoretical and applied work, but for the most part is experiential and practical.

Each session will be a combination of at least one Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy “Leadership Stage BAAA… Oooo…Method- Awareness through Moment Training “lesson on the floor (on mats), partner and group exercises based on the theme of the day, and exercises to explore and expand the breath. Participants learn skills to relax, how to take care of their bodies and how to bring this awareness into all aspects of their work and life. Ample space must be provided for all participants to comfortably lie on the floor.

Leadership Stage BAAA… Oooo…Method- Awareness through Moment Training Sessions can be arranged as half-day, full-day, 2-5 days, and are excellent as weekend retreats. 

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